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We are the true pioneer of postbiotics.

Indeed, our activity goes back to 1907, when Dr Boucard studied inactivated microorganisms with positive effects on health. Thus, the first postbiotic drug was born more than a century ago. And Lactobacillus LB, the combination of 2 strains and the fermented culture medium is at the foundation of our activity.

The expertise of Adare Biome was born long before postbiotics were even called that.


An heritage that goes back to over a century.


A strong conviction: postbiotics are part of the future of health and wellness solutions.

Our postbiotic solutions for everyone

Historically, our solutions have been designed for the entire family, but were also used in animals. And we have kept this development philosophy. Indeed, our postbiotic solutions can be used by everyone: adults, children and animals. Discover Adare Biome’s full range of postbiotics solutions: from Lactéol® product line, our ready to use product, to LBiome™ and LBiotix™, our postbiotic ingredients.

About postbiotics

As the pioneer of postbiotics, we believe our mission is far-reaching: to educate and raise awareness about postbiotics. We are committed to developing this promising category of biotics. Official definition, scientific support or even innovation potential are topics we address in this dedicated section.


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