The biotics market: now and in the future

White paper

Today, the three categories of biotic ingredient; probiotics, prebiotics and postbiotics, are more and more developed. These ingredients are subject to strict regulation around the world. While the term “probiotic” is already regulated and authorized in certain countries, the use of the term “postbiotic” is still relatively new and currently awaiting regulation.

The biotics market has excellent potential for growth and provides exciting opportunities for innovation in a diverse range of products and applications, including functional foods, beverages and nutraceutical solutions. In this market, postbiotics in particular offer a host of opportunities for product development. Thanks to their inanimate nature and their high stability, they are easy to standardize, transport and store. They are also scientifically recognized, with many proven health benefits. Participating in the general care of consumer health, they open many doors and possibilities for the future.

This white paper looks at the regulation, biotics market and open door for possibilities.

Adobe stock // Alexis Scholtz