Science and postbiotics: where do we stand?

science and postbiotics

Since their discovery, microorganisms have fascinated scientists due to their great diversity and ubiquitous presence in many ecosystems. One such group of microorganisms is very much in the news: the intestinal microbiota, whose imbalances have been linked to numerous health issues. However, the world of microorganisms is also the source of beneficial applications known for […]

E-Biome 2022 Congress: from research to clinical practice

Forerunner and pioneer in the postbiotics market, Adare Biome invites you to the 1st  E-Biome virtual congress: the microbiota, from research to clinical practice. It was held on September 20, 2022. With the support of the FNSGE (French National Society of Gastro-Enterology), Professor Gabriel Perlemuter chaired the session. Many renowned physicians and professors also spoke […]