The biotics market: now and in the future

biotics market

Today, the three categories of biotic ingredient; probiotics, prebiotics and postbiotics, are more and more developed. These ingredients are subject to strict regulation around the world. While the term “probiotic” is already regulated and authorized in certain countries, the use of the term “postbiotic” is still relatively new and currently awaiting regulation. The biotics market […]

The biotics market: evolution and perspectives

biotics market

Biotics market is fastly evolving. Biotics confer both direct (by acting on the body itself) and indirect (by acting on the body’s microbiome) health benefits to consumers. The biotics family is composed of three categories: probiotics, prebiotics and postbiotics.Probiotics, the best known among consumers, are living microorganisms that confer a health benefit to the host, […]



We now know that the human microbiota consists of a huge collection of microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi etc. There are ten trillion of these microorganisms in our digestive tract alone. This fascinating system has been of interest to researchers for many years and scientific knowledge about it is steadily growing. It is highly […]

Postbiotics in the spotlight

For a few years now, a new category of biotics has gradually established itself on the global market: the postbiotics. Today, both probiotics and prebiotics are well known by consumers. However, awareness of postbiotics has steadily grown even though until recently there was no official definition. What is for definite is that interest in postbiotics […]