Adare Biome,
taking postbiotics to the next level

As the pioneer of postbiotics, we believe we have a key role to play in taking biotics to the next level. Discover, innovate, educate: three key words that summarize Adare Biome’s mission to raise awareness about postbiotics. Strong commitments, backed up by four core values that drive us every day: excellence, proximity, transmission, and reliability.

Adare Biome:
deeply committed to developing postbiotics

Improving the health and well-being of everyone is essential. And for that, innovation is crucial. With our extensive knowledge and history of postbiotics, we are convinced that these key ingredients are essential components of future health and wellness solutions. And all our partners can be part of this future.

A key role for Adare Biome in postbiotics

As the pioneer in postbiotics, we believe our mission is far-reaching: to educate and raise awareness about postbiotics. This takes place on two specific levels. Firstly, to enable the incorporation of postbiotics into tomorrow’s health solutions, we have developed postbiotic ingredients that can be incorporated into your future product development:

Moreover, our well-established postbiotic drug, Lactéol®, has been on the market worldwide for several decades.

Secondly, we are driven to transmit our knowledge about postbiotics to as many people as possible, including actors in the pharmaceutical sector, health professionals, and consumers. We believe that it is our duty as pioneers of postbiotics to spread the word about biotics. Educating and transmitting is at the heart of our role. For this, we have developed the About Postbiotics website, a reliable information source containing fully validated content on postbiotics.

4 values that drive our commitment

Committed to our 4 core values, our team members all work together towards a common goal: to shape the future of postbiotics.



We are committed to offering you the best in postbiotic solutions, whether through the application of our high-quality standards, or through our studies and research projects. Our historical activity is linked to the pharmaceutical sector with Lactéol®. We have since applied our knowledge and quality standards to developing solutions for the functional food, beverage and food supplement markets; as well as innovations in the petfood and animal feed markets, all the while making quality a priority. Our postbiotic solutions are produced in GMP certified facilities.


Human relationships are at the center of our daily lives. Whether it is a question of quality relations with our customers or among our employees, proximity is the common denominator of our everyday activities. We are proud to identify with the core value of being a human-sized company. Whatever your question or needs, we will provide you with a quick answer and solution.



Transmitting our knowledge is part of our DNA: not only to our customers, but also within our teams. We regularly organize exchange sessions to allow everyone to share their knowledge. For example, each team member, whether they are working in production or marketing, is fully up to speed on everything postbiotics: from concept to production and sales.

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Being a reliable partner is our daily commitment. Our historical French know-how and the ongoing studies we carry out make us a reliable partner. Our proprietary strain, Lactobacillus LB, is supported through more than 50 studies verifying its positive effects on health.

An ambitious vision for postbiotics and 4 core values to guide us on a daily basis: this is what shapes the future of postbiotics at Adare Biome.