Our pioneering postbiotic solutions for humans and animals

Throughout our history we have been pioneering postbiotics solutions designed for the entire family, including pets. We have consistently maintained this development philosophy at the heart of everything we do. Our postbiotic solutions are adapted to everyone: women, men, children, as well as pets and livestock. In both humans and animals, the starting point of good overall health is a healthy microbiota.
Discover our postbiotic solutions and their verifiable health benefits.

Background LB

The original postbiotics solution: Lactobacillus LB

Indeed, our activity goes back to 1907, when Dr Boucard studied inactivated microorganisms with positive effects on health. Thus, the first postbiotic drug was born more than a century ago. And Lactobacillus LB, the combination of 2 strains and the fermented culture medium is at the foundation of our activity.

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Lactéol®: a postbiotic treatment for diarrhea, suitable for the whole family

Lactéol® is a well-established, internationally recognized postbiotic solution. It has a unique postbiotic composition, with Lactobacillus LB and its metabolite-rich spent culture medium. This combination maximizes anti-diarrheal activity with diverse benefits:

• Fights pathogens
• Stimulates the body’s natural defenses
• Stimulates the natural bacteria of the gut to reinforce balance
• Shortens the duration of diarrhea and improves stool consistency

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LBiomeTM and LBiotixTM: our postbiotic ingredient solutions

With our extensive knowledge of postbiotics, we have developed unique ingredients solutions, based on Lactobacillus LB.


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Our postbiotic ingredient for human and pet

photo Lbiome

LBiome™ is a postbiotic ingredient pioneered for use in a wide range of products catered for human and pet health. It has been developed to support digestive health and immunity. LBiome™ is suitable for supplements or functional food and beverages.

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Our postbiotic solution for animal gut health

LBiotix™ is the first stable and safe postbiotic  which has demonstrated a beneficial effect in several studies. 

LBiotix™ is the ideal postbiotic ingredient to incorporate into your feed and additives formulations, either solid or liquid.