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A unique postbiotic ingredient for animal health

The health and well-being of livestock is one of our top priorities. Safe, efficient, and easy-to-use, LBiotix™ is a new postbiotic ingredient developed specifically for animal health, based on our unique microbiome technology platform. LBiotix™ is a pioneering postbiotic solution specifically designed to support gut health and immunity of production animals.

Why use LBiotix™?

A scientifically proven ingredient

LBiotix™ contains Lactobacillus LB which has been thoroughly researched for well over a century. A combination of 2 human-origin strains with their fermented culture medium and metabolites, Lactobacillus LB is scientifically supported through nearly 50 studies. Its effects have been studied and demonstrated in cultured cells as well as in humans and animals.

Moreover, Lactobacillus LB is scientifically recognized as a postbiotic by the ISAPP, the International Scientific Association for Probiotics and Prebiotics.

Supports gut health and immunity in production animal

Numerous studies have demonstrated positive effects  of LBiotix™. in 4 major farming species:





A number of studies have confirmed the positive impact of LBiotix™ on:

  • Gut health
  • Immunity
  • Feed efficiency
  • Growth

LBiotix™ demonstrably improves the well-being of animals. In piglets for instance, LBiotix™ has shown to improve gut health, feed efficiency and assist growth in piglets even when affected by enteropathogenic E. coli.

How does LBiotix™ work?

LBiotix™ acts on animals’ digestive tract through a wide mechanism of action:

  • It binds to gut mucosa epithelial cells, forming a barrier that prevents pathogens from attaching and internalizing1,2
  • Neutralizes and inhibits pathogens and decreases the viability of pathogenic bacteria1,2
  • Stimulates natural immune defenses3
  • Has a bifidogenic effect, helping endogenous beneficial bacteria to flourish4
  • Protects epithelial tight junctions against various insults and helps maintain barrier integrity5

A set of mechanisms of action that help improve the health of production animals.

Uses of LBiotix™

High stability: LBiotix™ is easy-to-use

Designed using our unique, proprietary ECHO™ process, LBiotix™ is extremely stable. The heat-treatment and drying steps of the process enable fully stabilized postbiotic solutions.

This gives LBiotix™ several advantages in use compared to other biotic ingredients:

  • Suitable for animal feed processes.
  • Easy Storage. Refrigeration is not required – LBiotix™ can be stored at room temperature.
  • Extended Shelf life. High stability when stored in dry conditions.

Safe, easy-to-use, stable, and effective, LBiotix™ is the ideal postbiotic ingredient to incorporate into your feed and additives formulation, and support animal digestive health and immunity

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